Social Ediquette™, founded by Marianne Rom, is here to help you engage social media etiquette and marketing strategies by providing education and awareness tips to build and manage a solid online reputation.

Did you know that people are losing their jobs because of inappropriate online behaviour?

The online world can be intimidating and is timeless so whether you’re an individual, business, entrepreneur or celebrity, you must consider your digital footprint and how it will affect your future prospects.

Will your teen be one of the students to miss out going to your college/school of choice or lose out on a scholarship because of their online antics?

Is your school leaver worried that his/her digital footprint has caught up and that job opportunities are fading away?

Our young people are growing up so savvy with all things digital but sometimes lack the understanding of how their actions can impact their future.  We firmly believe that education must begin in the home and we work with parents and educators to find the best possible solutions to assist our young people on their journey to becoming well rounded, socially conscious responsible adults with solid foundations to build upon.

Social Ediquette™ is based in Western Australia but social media has no boundaries which means that help is not far away.