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Camera, lights…. action!  Or should we say, “Check one two…..”

12284691_sAny actor, musician, model or celebrity (also known as “Talent”) without a social media presence, whether they have an agent or not; is one who will probably struggle to get found.  There is so much competition in this cut-throat industry that you need to find a way to maximise to opportunities and find your “unique selling proposition” or what will make you stand out from the crowd – in this case, your competitors.

Providing your online presence is one of value which showcases you and your talents in a favourable manner, your chances of being found somewhat increase.  Placing yourself online seriously increases your odds; heck everybody else is already online, so you’d be foolish not to try!

You need to ensure that your message of who you are and what you’re all about is conveyed in the way in which you want to be known. It’s all about reputation!  Your online presence can literally make or break you.

As Talent, you have inherent qualities that make you irresistible to us mere mortals so you need to draw upon those qualities to market yourself by highlighting your strengths and what sets you apart from your fellow Talent.  There is a way in which to do this; and a way in which not to do this.  Use your marketing skills, promote yourself, your latest job, pic, musical, song, film or showreel and really showcase who you are and what you’re all about.

Leave the nasties at the door and don’t get drawn into anything but focussing on building your solid online reputation and you will surely increase your odds of being noticed.

What you need for your online presence:


  • A professionally written biography
  • Professional headshots
  • A kick butt resume
  • Your show reel and it must be professionally edited (unless you’re a gun at creating your own!)
  • Professionally recorded samples of your work
  • Reviews of your work
  • Contact form
  • IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SECURED YOUR OWN NAME DOMAIN YOU MUST DO SO AS A MATTER OF URGENCY.  You need your FirstNameLastName.com  (eg. mariannerom.com).  This will be used for your website
  • Oh yes, and you must switch the brain and your moral compass on!!!

Then you’ll need to find what works for you in order to bring traffic to your site. Your posts must be entertaining (haha, surprised?) and engaging.  You want to build a following of loyal fans who love you so much that they will become your marketers — and your brand ambassadors!

You’ll need to learn how not to leave spam on everyone’s Timeline (if you’re using Facebook and you should be) and more importantly what is considered spam.  You’ll need to accept that “free speech” doesn’t necessarily give you free range to post whatever you think!  You will need to choose your words and pictorials wisely. You will need to display your passion for your craft so that you get chosen based on your paper trail and online presence.

It doesn’t make a difference what type of performer you are; but the social media presence is a must for all. With just one link you can instantly share your images, showreels and more.  Consider your social media presence as your “Vault”, the one central place to house every bit of what makes you shine in your industry.

We will show you how to link your images and information and profiles from Showcast, StarNow, Vimeo and  YouTube.

We all know that bad news travels fast but in this cut-throat industry, your reputation is the key to your success.  This may sound daunting right now; but I guarantee you that you do have the ability and qualities to be able to market yourself in the best way possible.  After all, who knows you better than YOU!

There are some awesome sites that you should link yourself up with.  We’ll show you which ones you need to sign up for to be found by casting directors.

If you would like to book a presentation, attend a workshop or just have a chat please contact Marianne.

PS.  Marianne has been singing and performing since way back in musical theatre in Canada,  and more recently as a singer, in Australia.  She has successfully managed and marketed her husband’s music career in Western Australia and he is one of the few performers (along with his duo and band) who does not require the services of an agent in order to secure gigs. She has been actively involved in laying solid foundations for the past twelve years for her daughter’s career as a working actor and model.  Marianne and her daughter recently appeared in a few scenes in the award winning feature film, Paper Planes….. but don’t blink!