We understand how time poor Educators, Administrators and support staff are and can assist by helping parents to understand social media and more importantly teach them how to keep their children safe online and how to Connect with Respect.

infograph RESPECTWe will work with you in conjunction with your school’s Social Media Strategy to ensure the best possible outcome.  All presentations and workshops focus on developing social media etiquette skills to build a solid online reputation.

We assist parents & grandparents bridge the ever rapidly growing gap between themselves and their tech savvy digital natives and help them feel not so overwhelmed in the online world.  We achieve this by leading them through privacy settings, step-by-step instructions on how to set up their Facebook profile, privacy, how to block and report bullies and reveal simple errors that can expose everyone to additional and needless risk.

We will help parents navigate their way through the online space and they will leave our programs feeling a little more comfortable and confident about allowing their children to engage online and not have to leave them to their own devices.  Parents will learn valuable resources to assist them should any unsavoury situations occur.

We help students realise that their reputations are their greatest asset and show them how to minimise their exposure and risk in the vast social media playground and that their online behaviour not only affects them but potentially their family and friends.  We can show ways in which how students can be proactive in helping their family get into the fun of social media and how their tech savvy ways can assist in the classroom.

Those more advanced in the use of social media will learn to strengthen and better manage their social media networks, promote their school and/or community and engage in best practices.  These sessions will include real life scenarios of positive & negative social media use.

Our seminars are designed specifically for Parent Groups, School Councils/Boards and our content addresses many issues addressed in the National Coalition Against Bullying & Centre for Strategic Education – Cyber-safety Symposium Report and supports the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools, by incorporating the Nine Values for Australian Schooling in our presentations being:-

  1. Care and Comparison
  2. Doing Your Best
  3. Fair Go
  4. Freedom
  5. Honesty and Trustworthiness
  6. Integrity
  7. Respect
  8. Responsibility
  9. Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion


For parents to be able to connect with their kids in the world that they exist in at the moment and know that they are safe in doing so.

  • To be able to engage on Facebook in a fun and meaningful way as a result of learning the real impact that profiles have on short and long-term person and professional opportunities and reputations.
  • For people to understand and engage social media to benefit their own family, their jobs, their careers and why it is so important to adhere to any policies that may be applicable to them.

Our workshops are fun, engaging and interactive and parents will feel more comfortable with taking an active interest in their child’s online activities and have the necessary information to be able to guide and support them in building a solid online reputation using good old fashioned sound social etiquette skills.  There will be plenty of time for questions and even role-play if the situation warrants.

After presentations completed all attendees will have access to a private Facebook Group that we will set up at no cost for workshop participants where they are encouraged to interact and ask questions.  All participants are welcome to join us on our Facebook Page for more information.

As we are always learning ourselves and striving to find the best way to assist, we will ask all participants to complete a simple survey which will assist us in refining our presentations for future delivery.

Please contact us now to book your workshop.